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German Food: A New American Tradition

Food Photography: Timothy Fox Photography

Have you ever had the chance to try German Food? Hansel and Gretel Delivery was born from the idea of sharing traditional German Comfort food made with simple ingredients. But what is it?

We have a number of items on our menu that many Germans grew up with, very much like Americans grew up with burgers and pizza. But, even those items did not necessarily originate in the good old USA.

Hamburgers are said to have originated in Hamburg, Germany, in the late 19th century as grounded steak placed between two slices of bread. However, Texas gets credit as well because they, too, had created a similar type of sandwich around the same time. Some historians believe that their eventual combining is what became the modern hamburger today.

Pizza is traditionally from Italy but has definitely become "Americanized" through the years. From New York to L.A., it's all about what you like on your crust. There is nothing wrong with that; after all, the United States has long been known to be the great American melting pot, so why wouldn't it influence our foods. Trying new foods, especially when they originate in faraway lands, is a part of our culinary adventure in this country.

Our Schnitzel is a very popular German dish made from select cuts of tenderized pork or chicken that is then breaded and fried until golden and delicious. You can order it in traditional style or burger style. Typically, it is served with tempting side dishes such as Spaetzle and gravy. Spaetzle is a delightful German egg noodle pasta with a chewy, dumpling-like texture. It is topped with cheese and garnished with pepper and crispy onions. It's sort of like the German version of Mac and Cheese. Top it off with savory brown gravy, and wow, your taste buds will be dancing! Rounding out some of the sides is German potato salad, a leafy tossed salad, and a cucumber salad. If you prefer fries, we have those too. Pretty soon we will be adding another menu item you may be familiar with. Hint: Think weekend sports and grilling. We will let you know when it arrives.

Every tourist to Germany has had Schnitzel, and most fall in love with it! Maybe you can't go to Germany today, but your taste buds can. Give it a try. It may just become one of your new traditions, and you can have it delivered right to your home.

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