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Bringing a Part of German History to Arizona

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Thank you Destry and Arizona Midday for sharing our story on your In the Kitchen segment! We love sharing our traditional German comfort food recipes and a piece of Germany's history with Arizona!

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Watch the full segment here

Hansel+Gretel is the first German Food Restaurant Delivery Service in Arizona and situated out of the Tempe Food Court in Tempe, Arizona. The real story began with co-founder Ronnie moving to the US in 2017. He was traveling a lot to different countries worldwide and he was missing his home food constantly. Also rarely in the U.S. could he find his good old German schnitzel. So Ronnie and his wife Nicole decided to create their own German Cuisine Delivery Service and started cooking for the neighbors. Hundreds of meals and packages were delivered and the reviews were astounding. They loved it! And, with that, the idea of Hansel + Gretel was born. Nicole's grandma was famous for cooking simple food after World War II for the whole street. Since the war brought a lot of destruction and poverty Nicole's grandma took simple ingredients like flour and salt and eggs to make the best food possible. With that tradition, we want to continue this legacy with Hansel + Gretel. Find us online at and on the delivery apps, ChowNow, DoorDash, and Uber Eats.


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