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Our Team

Nicole Horvath,
Kitchen Manager & Head Chef

Nicole Horvath was born in 1982 and raised in a small town in southern Germany. She grew up speaking German and learned basic English in school. Cooking has always been a passion of Nicole’s, born out of a tradition of cooking and sharing recipes with her mother and grandmother throughout her childhood and young adulthood. She began a career in nursing and worked in the profession for nearly 15 years before leaving to stay at home with her son in 2013. 


In 2017 Nicole and her family moved to Arizona for her husband Ronny’s business. Since moving here, Ronny incessantly begged Nicole to cook German food all the time because the Arizona restaurant scene, while diverse, is still lacking in German cuisine. (No, Wiener Schnitzel doesn’t count.) All that begging led to Ronny coming up with the idea of opening a restaurant concept where Nicole would be one of two main chefs. So they decided to perform a focus group of sorts and invited nearly 100 neighbors and friends to try their signature dishes from home. This was a success and the traditional German food was a hit! The pandemic created a challenge for the Horvaths though. 


Due to the shut-down and lack of in-person dining, the idea of Hansel + Gretel Delivery, the first German delivery service in Arizona was born. Housed inside one of the first Cloud Kitchens in Tempe, AZ, Hansel + Gretel is German Cuisine delivered fast! 


And staying true to her roots, Nicole uses only the best natural ingredients such as eggs, flour, chicken, and pork to make the signature dishes that are sure to make your taste buds say thank you! And not to worry, all those years in nursing prepared her for keeping one of the cleanest and most hygienic kitchens in the industry. 

Christopher Wiest,

Christopher Wiest was born in 1995 and has been a resident of Phoenix his entire life. He learned to cook at a young age and spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking alongside his mother. Inspired by neighbors and friends, Christopher learned how to cook cuisines from several different cultures and has never stopped learning and cooking. He enjoyed basketball and tennis in high school and played quidditch while attending Northern Arizona University. 


He has been in the restaurant industry for over seven years beginning his career in the kitchen at various fast-casual restaurants and the Four Seasons before saying “yes” to the head chef position at Hansel + Gretel Delivery. Being of German descent, he was eager to work in a kitchen where he gets to prepare quality German comfort food reminiscent of his heritage. 


When he is not in the kitchen, he enjoys learning and practicing mixology and collecting oddities. He has a huge heart for animals and loves spending time with his dog, Bean who, just like Chris, shares a strong love of cheese.

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