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Fast. Convenient. Perfectly Packaged.

The Very Best Schnitzel ‘fo shizzle,' and many other great German dishes.

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Please note: some of our dishes contain onions and are prepared in bulk every morning. We hope to offer onion free options soon. 

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Fast. Convenient. Perfectly Packaged.

Every order is delivered priority, on-us. You shouldn't have to pay extra for fast and delicious.

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Our Story 

It's good to be first!

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We are the first German Food Restaurant Delivery Service in Arizona. We are situated out of Tempe Food Court in Tempe, Arizona. 

The real story began with co-founder Ronny moving to the U.S. in 2017. He was traveling a lot into different cultures worldwide, and he was missing his home food constantly. Also, rarely in the U.S. could he find his good old German schnitzel. So Ronny and his wife Nicole decided to create their own German Cuisine Delivery Service and started cooking for the neighbors. Hundreds of meals and packages were delivered, and the reviews were astounding. They loved it! And, with that, the idea of Hansel + Gretel was born. 

Nicole's grandma was famous for cooking simple food after World War II for the whole street. Since the war brought a lot of destruction and poverty, Nicole's grandma took simple ingredients like flour and salt, and eggs to make the best food possible. With that tradition, we want to continue this legacy with Hansel + Gretel.

Restaurant delivery is here to stay. If the pandemic taught us anything, it's that we don't have to leave our homes to enjoy a great meal and drinks with the ones we love. German cuisine IS comfort food.

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The road to delicious is paved with good intentions.

Two beautiful and slightly mischievous German children lived in the deep, dark, Black Forest of Old Bavaria. For centuries tales of an old witch (Oder Hexe) were told around warm hearths on cold winter nights about the witch's magic recipes that could bring comfort to the weary and delicious flavors to the bored. So, Hansel & Gretel made a plan to steal those recipes from Oder Hexe and bring them to the new world.


Not only did they manage to get the magical recipes but they became magic themselves, able to transport delicious food to your door in the fastest of times.


Guten appetit!


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We are located in Tempe Food Court!



Open 11am-8pm Tuesday - Saturday

1900 E. 5th St.,

Tempe, AZ 85281


Tel: 602-820-9980

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